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Limited Edition T2 Modarri Car - Trevor Floyd Memorial Fundraiser - 500 available

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This T2 car has been made in memory of Trevor Floyd, our dear friend and colleague. 100% of the money from these vehicles will be donated to his wonderful wife Anna, and their two young children Caleb (3 years old) and Cora (1 year old). \n \nThere are 500 cars available for purchase. Each car has a custom license plate to identify which car it is in the series of 500. The cars will ship on a first come first serve basis after the family and close friends orders are fulfilled. We expect to begin shipping these limited edition cars by mid-March. \n \nA huge thanks to our manufacturer, Matthew Lam at Ricko LTD for donating all 500 cars, as well as all of our team members for their donated time and efforts in making this charity a reality. \n \nThe box and car pieces have been decorated with his favorite sayings and tributes to his wife and children. There is also a small description of the type of person Trevor Floyd was to us. He will always be missed, but he will never be forgotten. We love you Trevor. \n \nThe back of the box reads: \n \n"Trevor Floyd (T2) had a passion for helping others and bringing out the best in the Modarri team. He was one of the most persistent and tenacious people we ever knew – he never gave up on a goal. He had vision, and he worked every day to put the pieces in place to see that vision come true. \n \nHe was a kind, loving and humble man that brought a joyful feeling to every room he entered with his child like exuberance. He was like a kid on Christmas every time he held a newly created Modarri car. “Wow, Wow, Wow!” was a favorite expression of his. \n \nWe will miss Trevor dearly, and he will never be forgotten." \n \nIf you knew Trevor, and you'd like to share your thoughts - please fill out the form below before purchasing the car: \n \n[gravityform id="12" title="false" description="false"]